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School Locker Management OnLineSchool Locker Management OnLine

How It Works...

Application Setup

The school defines zones for lockers, which can be hallways, regions of the school or even buildings for large campuses. The lockers in each zone are identified with the locker combination(s), and then the data is uploaded from a spreadsheet into the online application.

The next step is to fine tune the locker availability by setting aside reserved lockers, and assigning sets of lockers for certain grades, or combinations of grades.

Lastly the students are uploaded into the system from a spreadsheet, typically generated from the school's SIS software. The student number is used as the student's user id and the password can be either their student number (low security), a combination of their initials and their student number, or their birth date (higher security).

Students are uploaded to avoid registrations by people who should not have access to system and to provide statistics as to who has a locker and also who does not have a locker.

Students Login

Finally students log into the system using their predefined user ids and passwords, change their password if required to do so, and then select a locker, at shich time they see the combination of their locker if the lock is provided by the school. Students are not able to select a second locker or view the combinations of other lockers. If students supplly their own lock they are required to enter the combination before selecting a locker.

Students can login at any time to view their locker combination should they forget it which saves considerable office time and effort.

Administration Access

Administrative users can assign students to lockers, search for locker information by locker number, or by student name or number, and can view lockers by zone. This allows school administrators and safety personnel easy access to locker combinations when necessary.

Time Savings

This system will save your school countless hours of time and improve the accuracy of the process so that you all have less stress. It is all about making it easier for everyone.

What our clients say

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